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The Greenhouse @ Constantia’s Cellars-Hohenort

Going for Green If you are searching for delicious, The Greenhouse is a great place to start. It is a wild winter evening when we arrive at Cellars-Hohenort in Constantia. A fleet of cars are lined up outside the restaurant, belonging not to guests, as we are later told, but to kitchen staff. While there’s […]

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green tea

A trend for tea

Dawn Kennedy discovers where to slake the global thirst for gourmet tea in Cape Town. Tea, the staple beverage in the East, is becoming the drink of choice for an increasing number of people. Many are exploring ancient cultures and traditions and discovering the pleasures of, for example, the Japanese tea ceremony and Indian chai. […]

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Sprouting Health, Wealth & Wisdom

Dawn Kennedy gets on the same wavelength as Cape Town ecopreneur Joseph Feigelson. Joseph Feigelson is passionate about sprouts and eats nearly three hands full a day. It’s no wonder, 13 years ago they cured his debilitating heartburn. The alternative was acid reflux surgery, a rather unpleasant procedure. Since incorporating sprouts into his diet, Joseph […]

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Dining @ The Test Kitchen with Prue Leith

Before even looking at the Test Kitchen’s menu, famous foodie Prue Leith shares one of her restaurant-reviewing secrets: “Clientele is the most important ingredient in any good restaurant. If a restaurant’s empty, I’m leaving.” Luckily, the Test Kitchen is buzzing and Prue remarks: “Nice clientele. Good mix. Not too many suits.” When Prue opened Leith’s, […]

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Boulders Beach Restaurant in Simon’s Town

Have you felt frustrated by the number of restaurants situated in some of Cape Town’s most scenic spots that serve dreadful food? Somehow it feels sacrilegious, as well as unpleasant, to eat soggy toasted sandwiches served by truculent waiters in a pristine setting. The proprietors seem to think that views and scenery suffice. Hence it’s […]

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A Grand Entrance in Granger Bay

It’s drum rolls for Cape Town’s most chic hang-out of the season. For those of us that lament the lack of beach venues with a definite vibe in Cape Town, here’s the penultimate addition. In fact, in a Marie Antoinette like move, The Grand created its very own beach in order to build a restaurant […]

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Dining in Grand Style

You know you’re living in a topsy-turvy world when, in one day, you find yourself paying the same price for a bowl of lentils in an Indian restaurant in town as you do for a main course of salmon trout prepared by one of South Africa’s top chefs, Roland Gorgosilich, at a restaurant that is […]

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Manna from heaven

  Everyone has their own symbol for summer. Mine is bold red watermelon juice dribbling down a chin. So, Manna’s watermelon salad sums up my idea of summer on a plate. The watermelon is served sliced, accompanied by Danish feta cheese and Serrano ham (R80). It’s simple and so visually striking that I had to […]

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Cape Town profiled in Phaidon’s Gourmet Bible, Where Chefs Eat

Where Chefs Eat is a mouth-watering compendium of recommendations from over 400 of the world’s top chefs. Imagine arriving in a city you have never visited and knowing exactly where to eat breakfast and what to order. For a certain kind of globetrotting gastronome, such knowledge is priceless, or at least worth the R264 that […]

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La Mouette: Brilliant bouillabaisse.

Renowned chef Henry Vigar and his wife Mari moved from England to South Africa three years ago. Inspired by the ocean and the “Mayor’s Lady”, a 1920s building, once the mayor of Cape Town’s residence, they set about fulfilling a dream of opening their own restaurant. Undeterred by the three eateries that had already come […]

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