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Breaking the Ice – Lewis Pugh

From Camps Bay, via the Arctic to 10 Downingstreet, 021 maps Lewis Pugh’s journey form cold water swimmer to environmental activist. Meeting Lewis Gordon Pugh in person, it’s easy to fathom what drew him to the Arctic. His chiselled, cheek-boned, icemelting good looks cry out for a sleigh and a pack of huskies. His handshake, […]

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Mozart in Nyanga

Mozart in Nyanga

The wind whips up dust circles on the streets of Nyanga, Cape Town’s oldest township and home to over 10 000 people. People mill and congregate on the streets: a man holds a woman’s hand; a mother walks behind her three children wearing brightly coloured woollen caps; street vendors cook skewers of cow’s intestines braaied […]

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Pieter dirk

Pieter Dirk Uys

PIETER DIRK UYS on being funny about things that aren’t funny Dawn Kennedy – Jan 1st 2013, 00:00 Armed only with a suitcase full of costumes, a sense of outrage and pages of witty words against society’s ills, Pieter Dirk Uys has left South Africa with a legacy of laughter that has lightened even the […]

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Tribes: Tattoo lover’s.

Dawn Kennedy penetrates the tattoo lover’s world, a place where pain, pleasure and permanence meet. Close your eyes and you could be at the dentist. The ink pen, the tool of the tattoo artist’s trade, makes a surprisingly loud and intimidating drone as it is switched on for the first time. It is used to […]

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Sprouting Health, Wealth & Wisdom

Dawn Kennedy gets on the same wavelength as Cape Town ecopreneur Joseph Feigelson. Joseph Feigelson is passionate about sprouts and eats nearly three hands full a day. It’s no wonder, 13 years ago they cured his debilitating heartburn. The alternative was acid reflux surgery, a rather unpleasant procedure. Since incorporating sprouts into his diet, Joseph […]

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Eco Fashion

Nature rubs shoulders with the city in Karolina Olowsdotter’s fashion label. A Swedish fashion designer living in Cape Town, Karolina describes her label – Olowsdotter – as an eco-industrial look. This merging and clashing of contradictory elements expresses the duality felt by the 21st-century free-spirited nature lover who longs to feel the grass under her […]

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Dining @ The Test Kitchen with Prue Leith

Before even looking at the Test Kitchen’s menu, famous foodie Prue Leith shares one of her restaurant-reviewing secrets: “Clientele is the most important ingredient in any good restaurant. If a restaurant’s empty, I’m leaving.” Luckily, the Test Kitchen is buzzing and Prue remarks: “Nice clientele. Good mix. Not too many suits.” When Prue opened Leith’s, […]

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Peter Clarke

At the opening of Peter Clarke’s exhibition in the South African National Gallery, a crowd of people of many backgrounds congregated for a common cause – to pay tribute to the artist who is a mentor and role model in his community at Ocean View. Taking the podium, the spry and articulate 82-year-old cracked a […]

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Reporting the Weather

021 caught up with Derek van Dam at caramello’shis favourite haunt on kloof street. For many Capetonians, listening to’s daily weather report on the 7pm Prime Time News is a deeply entrenched evening ritual. After all, living in a city that can boast several seasons in one day, it helps to have some guidance […]

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by Dawn Kennedy – Apr 17th 2010, 00:00 Cape Town’s Stadium has a much-admired glass roof. Let’s hope that Mark Kulp doesn’t shatter it with his vuvuzela blowing. 021’s Dawn Kennedy put on some earplugs and went to meet the man determined to make the most noise during the World Cup. Clean cut, articulate and […]

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