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Khwa ttu San Culture and education Centre

West Coast Spring: Fossils and flowers

Our trip starts amid contemporary consumerism: The West Coast Shopping village, with its iconic wind pump situated beside Blaauwberg Hospital, is the first sign that we are on the right route. We travel onwards, alongside the Blaauwberg hills, but there is no sign or plaque to indicate the pivotal role that they played in South […]

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A passion for predators: Leopards at Bushman’s Kloof

Dawn Kennedy takes a civilised walk with wild cats at Bushman’s Kloof. A person diminishes amid the Cedarberg’s landscape of sedimentary rock, sandstone and shale. Jagged stones stand like ancient tombs, paying tribute to the glacier that scraped the exposed rock, 340 million years ago. Evidence of geological time immemorial makes one’s own personal biography […]

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celebrating snoek


INSIGHT NEWS Jun 1st 2011, 00:00 Surely one of the great pleasures of life in the Cape is being able to feed an entire family, or group of friendS, with a huge Snoek bought for a few rand. Dawn Kennedy went to meet the fishermen from kalk bay who bring home the Snoek. It’s 2pm […]

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Breaking the Ice – Lewis Pugh

From Camps Bay, via the Arctic to 10 Downingstreet, 021 maps Lewis Pugh’s journey form cold water swimmer to environmental activist. Meeting Lewis Gordon Pugh in person, it’s easy to fathom what drew him to the Arctic. His chiselled, cheek-boned, icemelting good looks cry out for a sleigh and a pack of huskies. His handshake, […]

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rynchops skimmer

A beginner’s guide to bird-watching at Milnerton’s Rietvlei

It had been a disappointing weekend. I’d been looking forward to joining an excursion to see pelagic seabirds. Now, I know nothing about birds, pelagic or otherwise, but I liked the idea of travelling 25 nautical miles out to sea, to the Grand Canyon of the ocean, where the continental shelf falls dramatically away and […]

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The Shark Spotter of False Bay

For most of us, summer spells sand, sea and sun, but for Monwabisi Sikweyiya, it spells shark! “Every day is a headache for me,” says Monwabisi Sikweyiya, field supervisor of the shark spotters. As we speak, his attention and hands are continually drawn to the two-way radio that beeps intermittently throughout our conversation. “I never […]

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wasp 2

Wonderful World of Wasps

Finding new wasp species is Simon van Noort’s passion. He explains, “You have to be an explorer. It’s one of the last frontiers of natural history. Wasps are so hyper-diverse and there are so few taxonomists that I can go into your back garden and collect 10 new species of wasps.” There are 145 000 […]

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The Kanonkop baboons

Roughly half of the troops on the peninsula occupy home ranges which include coastal land. Nevertheless, while the shoreline extends an open invitation to forage in the tidal pools for mussels, limpets and the occasional shark’s egg, baboons have foresworn their indigenous marine diet in favour of raiding from humans, whose nutrient-rich packed lunches and […]

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Mozart in Nyanga

Mozart in Nyanga

The wind whips up dust circles on the streets of Nyanga, Cape Town’s oldest township and home to over 10 000 people. People mill and congregate on the streets: a man holds a woman’s hand; a mother walks behind her three children wearing brightly coloured woollen caps; street vendors cook skewers of cow’s intestines braaied […]

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big wave surfing


The Charge of the Big Wave Brigade Cape Town is fast establishing itself as an epicentre of big-wave surfing. Our reefs and shores, lashed severely by deep At lantic storms, throw up some of the biggest waves that the planet has to offer. 021 meets some of the wave warriors brave and crazy enough to […]

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