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CITY LIFE NEWS May 29th 2011, 00:00 Two unusual treatments at Lanzerac spa in Stellenbosch will leave you floating in an ocean of bliss. Isn’t life wonderful? Just when you’re getting a slightly jaded, ‘been there, done that’ kind of feeling, suddenly you hear of a new craze that restores your faith in human wackiness. […]

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The Roundhouse Restaurant in Camps Bay

DINING NEWS Dawn Kennedy – Oct 7th 2011, 16:12 The Roundhouse offers breathtaking views, impeccable service and food that dares to remain raw. It looked as though the cherry-red sun that was dropping over the horizon as we arrived at the Roundhouse had sunk to the bottom of the verjuice cocktails that greeted us. From […]

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DINING NEWS May 6th 2011, 04:56 Dine like a queen, while watching the game of kings. If you are tired of the usual locations, why not try a restaurant with a view across the psychedelic green of Val de Vies polo pitch, surrounded by the majestic Franschhoek and Paarl mountains? I found it difficult to […]

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DINING NEWS Dec 11th 2010, 00:00 A Grand Entrance It’s drum rolls for Cape Town’s most chic hang-out of the season. For those of us that lament the lack of beach venues with a definite vibe in Cape Town, here’s the penultimate addition. In fact, in a Marie Antoinette like move, The Grand created its […]

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DINING NEWS Dawn Kennedy – Jul 1st 2011, 00:00 Recently the Baxter Theatre Centre has added a touch of elegant deliciousness. I have a fond memory of maybe 10 years ago, interviewing Mannie Manim, then theatre manager of The Baxter. He invited me for lunch and I wore high heels, anticipating a Chardonnay-filled afternoon. My […]

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Saboroso, as in delicious. Enjoy a good dip

DINING NEWS Apr 20th, 16:07 At the tender age of 26, Inacio De Gouveia might seem young to own a restaurant. But consider that Rembrandt van Rijn painted The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp at the same age. Inacio seamlessly blends innovation and tradition, adding a personal flourish to Mediterranean staples. If your taste […]

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Roberto’s signature restaurant: Where style and soul meet.

DINING NEWS Dawn Kennedy – Aug 31st 2011, 00:00 Roberto was previously executive chef at the Twelve Apostles where he delighted diners with the fynbos menu that he pioneered. However, his long cherished dream was to open his own place. Finally, on July 22nd the dream was fulfilled. On that evening, as champagne glasses, chinked, […]

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Reuben’s at the One and Only

DINING NEWS Dawn Kennedy – Apr 25th, 12:31 How did pumpkin soup find its way onto a menu in the restaurant of Cape Town’s six-star hotel? It’s a kind of cheeky imposition. My dining companion, 021s editor Bernard Franz, hates soup from the squash family, and so I was surprised when he ordered the pumpkin […]

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DINING NEWS Oct 15th 2010, 23:44 “Ah, good, lousy location,” says my companion, as we approach Il Leone’s terrace, which offers an uninspiring view across the Translux bus depot. According to his philosophy,worthwhile Italian ristorantes are often found in grungy surroundings, as they rely on good food alone, and not scenic views, to attract customers. […]

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Eight – going beyond the seven deadly sins at Spier’s pioneering farm-to-table restaurant

Dawn Kennedy – Jan 17th, 07:07 “It’s perfection,” says my companion, glancing at the couple outside nuzzling intimately under the dappled shade of the oak trees. I agree, then can’t help muse on the way our human quest for perfection has led us to excessive sterility, compelled us to package and parcel nature – when […]

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