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Jenny Louw, author of Earth Artist

Sharing my writing experience:
In a few simple sentences I would like to convey how beneficial my working relationship with Dawn Kennedy has been. As my writing coach and editor she has, in a professional and highly empathetic way, guided my process of writing my first book. Without in any way compromising my style and message, Dawn has very cleverly enhanced the words that she with tremendous sensitivity and understanding has helped me capture on paper. Her expertise I believe has transformed my writing to a professional level, making my words lucid and a pleasure to read.
At all times she has been professional, compassionate and humble, yet strong and supportive. I highly recommend her services to anyone planning to take their writing out into the world.

Nia South Africa
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Dawn Kennedy was the editor of Juice. Though it’s only one hundred pages long, the book was an enormous challenge as it is about the body mind connection distilled from the Nia Technique, a cardiovascular fitness practice.
Dawn had the philosophical intellect and patience to understand concepts and language spoken from the body as opposed to the mind. Not only that, Dawn had to reorganize, rebuild and add juicy text to Juice in only three weeks. She showed great sensitivity and worked with a loving grace for both the words and me.
Dawn in her role as editor is wonderfully talented and supportive. To say I was glad that she “had my back” is an understatement. I highly recommend her as both guide and rescuer in this ordeal of refining a book!

With more thanks from me than there are words, Dawn.


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Bernd Bierbaum
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01/ 01/2010

As a non-native English speaker, I needed professional assistance to have my travel writing on Ethiopia, already published in French and German, translated into English. I found a good translator, and a brilliant copyeditor, but was not 100% satisfied with the flow of the copy. As the book is quite poetic at times, and sensitive to Ethiopia’s culture and people, it needed someone with a special gift to intuitively balance plot, readability and content. Dawn Kennedy did all this in a most remarkable way. In fact I think that because of her professional expertise and creativity, the text is now much better in its English version than in the original.
Besides the final product that I am very satisfied with, all deadlines were managed efficiently. Dawn Kennedy was always open to my suggestions.
It was truly a pleasure to work with her.

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