Dawn Kennedy Writer

Irish born journalist Dawn Kennedy has lived in Cape Town, South Africa, for the past 23 years. A prolific writer, her work has been regularly published in major publications.
A respected columnist, arts writer and copywriter, in addition Ms Kennedy has held several editorial positions on publications, including, Sync’Up Magazine (editor), Varsity Daze (editor), O Magazine (feature editor) and 021 magazine (co-editor).
As the senior lecturer in Journalism at City Varsity, Ms Kennedy taught popular courses in long-form non-fiction and creative writing to both students and adult learners and published the kindle book, Writing Features: For Websites and Magazines based on the course content that she developed.
In 2015, Ms Kennedy was awarded funding by ANFASA (Academic and Non-Fiction Authors’ Association of South Africa) to write a work of narrative non-fiction, Saving South African Cycads and is currently seeking a publisher for the completed manuscript.
An early adopter in the digital landscape Ms Kennedy has embraced the challenge of keeping the integrity of the writing craft online. She manages social media accounts for bespoke clients, including Jonathan Ball Publishing, Cape Town Opera and Rawson Property group.
A passionate proponent of the arts, in 2016 Ms Kennedy joined Cape Town as a copywriter and digital marketer and has established a strong and engaged online presence for the company.

Editorial positions:

Features Editor for O magazine,

Editor of Sync’Up an Ogilvy and Mather publication.

Co-editor of 021 magazine.

Senior lecturer in journalism and creative writing at City Varisty, Cape Town, South Africa.


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