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Snowboarding In The Matroosberg

With his love of surf and snow, Jeremy has an intimate, almost obsessive, relationship with weather reports, which he reads at least 10 times a day. He’s looking for subtle things, not just a good swell or a cold front. Jeremy checks a special aviation website to measure the freezing levels. A cold front followed […]

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west coast

West Coast Spring: Fossils and flowers

Our trip starts amid contemporary consumerism: The West Coast Shopping village, with its iconic wind pump situated beside Blaauwberg Hospital, is the first sign that we are on the right route. We travel onwards, alongside the Blaauwberg hills, but there is no sign or plaque to indicate the pivotal role that they played in South […]

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Jonkershoek Nature Reserve

The dramatic drive to Jonkershoek Nature Reserve, with mountains forming crested waves to the right and rising up in jagged peaks to the left, is the perfect build-up to the stately Assegaaibosch Manor House. The homestead, built in 1790 and acquired by CapeNature in 1960, is situated in the Assegaaibosch Nature Reserve, the 204 ha […]

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Dining @ The Test Kitchen with Prue Leith

Before even looking at the Test Kitchen’s menu, famous foodie Prue Leith shares one of her restaurant-reviewing secrets: “Clientele is the most important ingredient in any good restaurant. If a restaurant’s empty, I’m leaving.” Luckily, the Test Kitchen is buzzing and Prue remarks: “Nice clientele. Good mix. Not too many suits.” When Prue opened Leith’s, […]

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Taking a stroll through English with Mark Forsyth

Dawn Kennedy meets Mark Forsyth, the author of the witty, ribald Sunday Times number one bestseller The Etymologicon: A Circular Stroll Through the Hidden Connections of the English Language How and when did your interest in the connections between words begin? I was given a copy of the Oxford English Dictionary as a christening present […]

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Pedro Mermaid 1

Find Your Groove With Pedro The Music Man

“Use your imagination and you can make music with anything”, says musicologist Pedro Espi-Sanchis: “From earliest times, people used sound to make life lighter to bear. Getting as many sounds as possible out of a piece of kelp is an example of ancient creativity. Along the shoreline of the Cape Peninsula, the earliest hunters and […]

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A Summer Of Sculpture

As you enter the Everard Read Gallery this month, Beezy Bailey’s striking sculpture of Jesus greets you with more than wide open arms. In contrast to the classic Christ pose – head tilted to the right and right foot crossed over left, Beezy’s Jesus appears to be admiring his own rather nifty footwork. As your […]

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david goldblatt

Observing the Everyday: David Goldblatt

William K Ivins has called the camera the most important invention since the printing press. It allows us to re-create our world anew, dramatically bringing together past and present. This is startlingly evident in David Goldblatt’s exhibition, Kith Kin and Khaya, which compresses nearly 50 years of South African history into the SA Jewish Museum. […]

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Partying at Pakalolo in Hout Bay

Driving along the Constantia Neck road in winter feels like the opening scene of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Will some sweet transvestite open the door to us at the end of this intestinal route? I wonder. But the moment I arrive in Hout Bay, it is lights, sand, music, and some serious beer drinking. […]

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wasp 2

Wonderful World of Wasps

Finding new wasp species is Simon van Noort’s passion. He explains, “You have to be an explorer. It’s one of the last frontiers of natural history. Wasps are so hyper-diverse and there are so few taxonomists that I can go into your back garden and collect 10 new species of wasps.” There are 145 000 […]

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