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green tea

A trend for tea

Dawn Kennedy discovers where to slake the global thirst for gourmet tea in Cape Town. Tea, the staple beverage in the East, is becoming the drink of choice for an increasing number of people. Many are exploring ancient cultures and traditions and discovering the pleasures of, for example, the Japanese tea ceremony and Indian chai. […]

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CITY LIFE NEWS Nov 11th 2009, 00:00 Whether he’s applying make-up for celebrities at the FIFA final draw on December 4 in Cape Town, or cutting hair in his Observatory salon, stylist Shaughn Adams knows how to free your inner diva. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty, is often depicted emerging from the ocean, seaweed […]

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CITY LIFE NEWS Apr 17th 2010, 00:00 021’s Dawn Kennedy was initiated into ayurvedic massage at the Jiva Grand Spa in the new Taj Hotel. Ayurveda translates as knowledge of life in the Vedic science of health. My Ayurvedic treatment begins with a 30 minute consultation with Dr Hemanth Kumar, who was performing surgery before […]

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CITY LIFE NEWS May 29th 2011, 00:00 Two unusual treatments at Lanzerac spa in Stellenbosch will leave you floating in an ocean of bliss. Isn’t life wonderful? Just when you’re getting a slightly jaded, ‘been there, done that’ kind of feeling, suddenly you hear of a new craze that restores your faith in human wackiness. […]

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