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Breaking the Ice – Lewis Pugh

From Camps Bay, via the Arctic to 10 Downingstreet, 021 maps Lewis Pugh’s journey form cold water swimmer to environmental activist. Meeting Lewis Gordon Pugh in person, it’s easy to fathom what drew him to the Arctic. His chiselled, cheek-boned, icemelting good looks cry out for a sleigh and a pack of huskies. His handshake, […]

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big wave surfing


The Charge of the Big Wave Brigade Cape Town is fast establishing itself as an epicentre of big-wave surfing. Our reefs and shores, lashed severely by deep At lantic storms, throw up some of the biggest waves that the planet has to offer. 021 meets some of the wave warriors brave and crazy enough to […]

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Surfing Muizenberg


Some say that next to Waikiki, Muizenberg corner with its soft wave and long ride is the best place to learn to surf in the world. 021 throws on some slipslops and goes to check out this supremely mellow scene On some days, the surf at Muizenberg rustles like the grass skirt of a Hawaiian […]

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Snowboarding In The Matroosberg

With his love of surf and snow, Jeremy has an intimate, almost obsessive, relationship with weather reports, which he reads at least 10 times a day. He’s looking for subtle things, not just a good swell or a cold front. Jeremy checks a special aviation website to measure the freezing levels. A cold front followed […]

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Climbing Lion’s Head on Full Moon

One fact about living in Cape Town is that we’re surrounded by breathtaking wilderness we don’t feel safe to enjoy. The pilgrimage to the top of Lion’s Head on full moon is a prime example of people reclaiming their city in the comfort of numbers. The experience begins with trying to find a parking spot. […]

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Chilling out with hippos in Cape Town

Want to get away from it all? Dawn Kennedy discovers tranquillity – and Africa’s most dangerous animal – right in the middle of the city. Whoever penned the famous phrase about the journey being more important than the destination had clearly never tried to cross Prince George Drive during rush hour to reach Rondevlei Nature […]

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Intro: Getting fit can be fun, Buff boot camp leader Sebastian Davies of Seapoint promises Dawn Kennedy. It’s 7am. The sun is rising over the horizon as an Adonis encourages my hips into a deeper lunge. His voice rises over the sound of the Atlantic rolling gently in the background. No, I’m not trapped in […]

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Bowled over

Intro: If you think that bowls belongs to the same category a false teeth and blue rinses, think again. The sport is getting an extreme image makeover by two entrepreneurial spirits in Newlands. Dawn Kennedy went to find out how to put the fun in bowls. Copy: I felt like a spring chicken at Western […]

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SPORTS NEWS Mar 20th 2010, 23:50 Lifting the bow is the first challenge. It’s anchor shaped and almost as heavy. Coach Christopher Human instructs me to pull back the string until it touches my nose and fix the target through a pea-sized sight. All this is to be accomplished with Zen-like grace and focus. The […]

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Walking backward off a 1km-tall mountain is kind of counterintuitive, to say the least. But it’s what Gareth Gibson persuades people to do on a daily basis. Makes you wonder what he could achieve if he employed his demonic powers of persuasion for more practical purposes. I hadn’t thought much about abseiling, adopting the same […]

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