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The Dark Side of the Mother City: Interview with Roger Smith

Dawn Kennedy interviews author Roger Smith, who has shaken up crime writing with his visceral portrayals of Cape Town’s brutal underbelly. Q: You grew up in Johannesburg but set your stories in Cape Town. Why? A: Well, Dust Devils is set mainly in KwaZulu-Natal, with a bit of Jo’burg and Cape Town, but, yes, Mixed […]

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La Mouette: Brilliant bouillabaisse.

Renowned chef Henry Vigar and his wife Mari moved from England to South Africa three years ago. Inspired by the ocean and the “Mayor’s Lady”, a 1920s building, once the mayor of Cape Town’s residence, they set about fulfilling a dream of opening their own restaurant. Undeterred by the three eateries that had already come […]

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INSIGHT NEWS Dawn Kennedy – Dec 6th 2010, 00:00 God’s playground could look like this: boulders tossed like marbles onto vanilla sand greeted by the sparkling Atlantic Ocean. Near Camps Bay, Maiden’s Cove is a priceless treasure tucked beneath three pampered bowling greens, and with views stretching from Lion’s Head across to the Twelve Apostles. […]

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The locals of Robben Island

CITY LIFE NEWS Dawn Kennedy – Jan 28th, 09:15 Early seafarers referred to Robben Island as the Isle of Purgatory. However, for the 45 permanent inhabitants of the island, it’s called home. 021 goes off the beaten track to meet the locals. This is an island ruled by feathers. Everywhere is permeated by the distinct […]

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SPORTS NEWS Dec 14th 2009, 00:00 There is not much of a warm welcome outside the Retreat Hotel on a windy Tuesday evening at 8 pm. The streets are deserted, and the Congolese security guard eyes any visitor with suspicion. Inside, I expect to find klawerjas players flinging back whiskey and throwing down cards amid […]

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INSIGHT NEWS Dec 10th 2009, 00:00 Looking into a living body without a heart in the chest cavity was a moment that altered history. Like stepping onto the moon, it crossed a frontier of what people considered possible. 021 recreates the drama of the first heart transplant that took place at the Groote Schuur Hospital […]

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DINING NEWS Sep 3rd 2010, 00:00 The Venetian chandeliers once again are glittering on sparkling occasions at the newly refurbished Casa Labia. The low hum of laughter and the sound of “happy birthday to you” drifting from the café are music to Antonia Labia Hardres-Williams ears. While undertaking the restoration of the Casa Labia, Antonia’s […]

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DINING NEWS Dec 10th 2009, 00:00 Have you felt frustrated by the number of restaurants situated in some of Cape Town’s most scenic spots that serve dreadful food? Somehow it feels sacrilegious, as well as unpleasant, to eat soggy toasted sandwiches served by truculent waiters in a pristine setting. The proprietors seem to think that […]

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INSIGHT NEWS Dec 13th 2009, 00:00 021 discovers that beauty is beyond the eye of the beholder at the Lancashire Manufacturers Beauty Pageant. Friday night at the Grassy Park Hotel, where the annual Lancashire Manufacturers Beauty Pageant is being held. The Grassy Park Hotel is not an obviously glamorous setting. In the events hall, laminated […]

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