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Birds of a feather2

Birds of a feather

RECENTLY I moved home. On my stoep, as the sun softened, a flock of birds circled, as though of one mind, in a wide arc above my roof, their beating wings making a soothing sound like a sheet ruffled by the wind, before they swooped into a nearby red shed. This oddly soothing ritual repeated […]

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Kennedy’s ePublishing

KENNEDY’S EPUBLISHING Write your best book “Writing a book is an adventure. To begin with, it is a toy and an amusement; then it becomes a mistress, and then it becomes a master, and then a tyrant. The last phase is that just as you are about to be reconciled to your servitude, you kill […]

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Pieter dirk

Pieter Dirk Uys

PIETER DIRK UYS on being funny about things that aren’t funny INTERVIEWS & BOOKS NEWS Dawn Kennedy – Jan 1st 2013, 00:00 Armed only with a suitcase full of costumes, a sense of outrage and pages of witty words against society’s ills, Pieter Dirk Uys has left South Africa with a legacy of laughter that […]

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A passion for predators: Leopards at Bushman’s Kloof

Dawn Kennedy takes a civilised walk with wild cats at Bushman’s Kloof. A person diminishes amid the Cedarberg’s landscape of sedimentary rock, sandstone and shale. Jagged stones stand like ancient tombs, paying tribute to the glacier that scraped the exposed rock, 340 million years ago. Evidence of geological time immemorial makes one’s own personal biography […]

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A Grand Entrance in Granger Bay

It’s drum rolls for Cape Town’s most chic hang-out of the season. For those of us that lament the lack of beach venues with a definite vibe in Cape Town, here’s the penultimate addition. In fact, in a Marie Antoinette like move, The Grand created its very own beach in order to build a restaurant […]

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Reporting the Weather

021 caught up with Derek van Dam at caramello’shis favourite haunt on kloof street. For many Capetonians, listening to’s daily weather report on the 7pm Prime Time News is a deeply entrenched evening ritual. After all, living in a city that can boast several seasons in one day, it helps to have some guidance […]

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Dawn Kennedy penetrates the tattoo lover’s world, a place where pain, pleasure and permanence meet. Close your eyes and you could be at the dentist. The ink pen, the tool of the tattoo artist’s trade, makes a surprisingly loud and intimidating drone as it is switched on for the first time. It is used to […]

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cape carnival

What floats your boat? Cape Town Carnival

As I enter the workshop in Woodstock dedicated to building the carnival floats, a dreadlocked guy warns me, “This is a workshop; it’s dangerous; enter at your own risk.” Everywhere neon signs declare the omnipresence of “Danger!” My favourite reads: Don’t bleed on the floats. Sparks fly from screeching tools and the smell of oil […]

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Some say that next to Waikiki, Muizenberg corner with its soft wave and long ride is the best place to learn to surf in the world. 021 throws on some slipslops and goes to check out this supremely mellow scene On some days, the surf at Muizenberg rustles like the grass skirt of a Hawaiian […]

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Corban Addison’s South African book tour

Corban Addison, author of the blockbuster A Walk Across The Sun is in South Africa to launch his second novel, The Garden of Burning Sand On a dark night in Lusaka, an adolescent girl is raped. Her identity is a mystery. Zoe Fleming an American, with a special interest in human rights teams up with […]

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