Dates for Tony Parks South African book tour

Tony entertains fans at the launch of his South African book tour in De Grendel, Cape Twon

Tony entertains fans at the launch of his South African book tour in De Grendel, Cape Town

Austrailian best-selling author, Tony Parks, writes page-turning books set in African countries. Hailed as the next Wilbur Smith, but definitely his own writer,his passion for Africa is as infectious as his page-turning thrillers are addictive.
Not only is Tony a terrific writer, he’s an entertaining speaker.
Currently he’s in South Africa to launch his latest book, Dark Heart, set in Rwanda.

Tony's latest page-turning thriller is set in Rwanda,

Tony’s latest page-turning thriller is set in Rwanda,

I urge you to try and catch one of his book launches (listed below). You will be inspired. Promise. Reading
If you have become jaded with the crime and corruption of South Africa, Tony is the man to remind you that living in Africa, with its beauty and horror intermingled, is really a grand adventure.Tony’s writing combines astute observation with an Out of African romance with the continent. Africa, in all its beauty and horror, steams off the page.
Tony’s affection for the continent is infection. In fact, as he puts it, for him and his lovely wife, Nicole, Africa is not a love affair, its an addiction. The couple divide their time between South Africa and Austrailia and have finally bought a house here.
Tony is frequently described as the next Wilbur Smith. In his entertaining speech today at the packed to capacity literary lunch @ De Grendel Tony, with characteristic humility, makes light of the comaparison, saying, “the only difference between myself and Wilbur Smith is 35 books and 35 million.” Still, Tony already has 9 books to his credit and with lots of writing years ahead, fans can expect plenty more in the future.
Tony talks with a deep Aussie drawl, peppering his speech liberally with “fair dinkums” and “good on ya mate’s”.
Tony has piqued my interest in Rwanda, a place that until listening to him talk, i admit i only associated with genocide. With his animated talk, Tony described Rwanda as “the cleanest city in Africa, if not the cleanest city i have ever visited.” On arrival at Kigal airport, Tony was greeted with a man wielding scissors. No, he wasn’t being attacked, but prevented from bringing plastic in the surprisingly ecologically advanced country.

Both reading Tony’s books, and listening to him talk, will open your eyes to the wonders of Africa, with its constant surprises.

Launch of dark Heart events

Monday, 22 April (Cape Town)

18:00 for 18:30
Wordsworth Willowbridge – book launch

Tony talking about his book

Venue: Wordsworth Willowbridge

RSVP: 021 914 1791

Tuesday, 23 April (Cape Town)

10:00 for 10:30
Exclusive Books – Somerset Mall – book launch

Tony talking about his book

Venue: Somerset Mall, Shop 327, Somerset West

Contact: 021 851 0250

Tuesday, 23 April (Johannesburg)

19:00 for 19:30
Jenny Crwys-Williams – book club

Q&A with Jenny after starters – about 20 Minutes

Venue: The Local Grill, Parktown North, Corner 7th & 3rd Avenue

RSVP: refer to the mail I sent you carrying the invitation – but this is a paid for event

Wednesday, 24 April (Johannesburg)

18:00 for 18:30
Book Launch

Talk by Tony

Venue: Exclusive Books, Clearwater Mall, Cnr Christian de Wet and Hendrik Potgieter Roads, Roodepoort

RSVP: 011 675 3971

Thursday, 25 April (Durban)

Book Boutique

Talk by Tony Park

Venue: 26 Rock View Road, Amamzintoti, Durban

RSVP: 031-903 6692 / 073 134 3162

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