Get Glowing

Intro: She’s been voted one of the world’s sexiest women by FHM magazine but Natalie Becker of Seapoint tells Dawn Kennedy that it’s what goes on inside that makes her glow on the outside.
Copy: Perhaps if you are from another planet you might not be familiar with Natalie Becker but Capetonians can’t avoid her: turn on your television and there she is, presenting TV shoes on the major channels, turn on the radio and her silky voice purrs forth. She’s even on the big screen, co-starring in a movie with John Malkovitch. Cape Town’s quintessential celebrity is everywhere and her face and figure are widely celebrated
She arrives at Miss K’s in Greenpoint looking fresh and breezy, wearing a leaf print silk shirt from Woolworths and no makeup. She’s on a lunch break for a week long crystal healing course that she’s been attending and fired up with excitement: “I’m here to evolve into my highest self. I believe that I hold the power of choice in every single moment, “she says.
It’s not the opening line I’d expect from a media personality but then Natalie doesn’t fit the formula. Despite being a social butterfly in the limelight, Natalie says that she’s a serious, philosophical and private person.
At 24, she faced the kind of crisis that most of us avoid until midlife. Having graduated with a Social Science degree in Economics and Industrial Psychology, she worked in adverting and investment banking but it was “an inauthentic life” that was a “slow suicide.” Natalie spent a month in solitude, figuring out what she really wanted and how to get it. Creative fulfilment was top of her list, not likely to be found among the grey suits in the banking world. She also had unresolved angst from her dysfunctional childhood that needed clearing up.
Fast forward a few years and suddenly she’ wearing a broad smile and all the best frocks in town. She attributes her current happiness to a book called “The Power of the Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murray, which taught her that she was not a victim to her difficult emotions and unhappy childhood.
Since then as presenter of the alternative health and New Age television programme Free Spirit she’s been exposed to an array of philosophies, everything from jin juit su to chi gung. All perfect for her inquiring Aquarian mind.
She sees her role as a media celebrity as a stepping-stone to her real passion. “Media has never been an end in itself. I have always known it is a great privilege to have a public platform but my real interest is in education. I believe that children should be taught mind power. I’d also like to facilitate healers and teach people self-healing techniques.”
The gorgeous woman who sits opposite me is certainly playing with a full hand. Her looks are an obvious asset, but her positive mental attitude that makes her so attractive. When the occasion call for it Natalie can pout and play the sex kitten role with aplomb, but she switches easily from siren to sister. One-to-one with another woman she’s warm and engaging, with little trace of ego and nary a sign of narcissism.
As it generally does when two women get together, the conversation enviably veers towards relationships. Right now Natalie’s single and “enjoying life to the full.” She admits that she’s wary when it comes to the opposite sex. “God, relationships are not easy. Our partners mirror everything we don’t like about ourselves.” Hard as it is to believe, Natalie has had her share of hard knocks in the dating department. “I’ve had first dates that’ve never called me again or haven’t wanted to see me again, so I don’t know what I did that was wrong.”
She’s certain that Mr right will arrive on schedule. One quality he will definitely have is humour, but otherwise she’s keeping an open mind. Until then, She thinks that Brad and Angelina embody the ideal couple but says, “We’re all really flawed”.
She’s a wily woman who has set her goal as total financial freedom so that she can do what she wants, when she wants it. Her years in the financial world have taught her how to build wealth. Right now, she says her biggest extravagance is a mortgage. Two years ago, she invested in a cosy Seapoint apartment. “It’s my sanctuary and very fung-shui. I have the mountain behind and the ocean in front of me. I love Seapoint. It has a fabulous village feel. I’m close to town and the beach. Whenever I can, I enjoy going for a jog along the promenade.”
Just when I’m thinking that Natalie has her feet squarely planted on earth, she knocks me sideways with the shoo-wow announcement that she is practicing physical immortality with the evenness of tone that others use to tell you that they are taking Pilates classes. “Linear time doesn’t exist. I’ve decided that age will never determine what I do and when I do it.”
Being in the public eye means that clothes and image are important to her. “I need to feel comfortable in what I’m wearing. I love beautiful fabric, especially silk. I tend to shop by colour and finding that certain colours bring out the best in me.” The one thing she can’t imagine being without is her Gucci sunglasses. “I’ve got high cheekbones and Gucci is the only brand that fits nicely.” Gucci has given her given her several free pairs for being such a great model.
Her fantasy is to spend a beautiful moonlight evening on a yacht in the Waterfront harbour eating oysters and enjoying Verve Clicquot and oysters in the company of Brangelina, Madiba and Graca, Oprah, Marc Lottering, John Malkovitch, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and her family.
Natalie is excited about the future. Watch out, she says, her journey has just begun.
Little black book
Natalie often loses hours in Exclusive Books at the Waterfront 021- 419 0905
Her guilty pleasure is buying a big box of popcorn and watching an art house movie at the V&A Cinema Nouveau 0861-300 444
She finds Guess jeans fit perfectly *021- 421-0110
She looks for crystals at The Scratch Patch at the Waterfront *021-419-9429
Her favourite massage is the energy massage at the Librisa spa in the Mount Nelson *021-483-1000
Natalie loves technology and on the top of her wish list is the new Apple Mac book, which can be bought at Project 3 in Claremont *021-674-5000
Natalie studied modern and jazz dance for three years. She’s a party girl and has loves to dance salsa at Buena Vista social club in Greenpoint on Sunday nights *021- 433- 0611 and Summerville restaurant in Camp Bay on Saturday nights *021- 438-9551

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