Intro: Getting fit can be fun, Buff boot camp leader Sebastian Davies of Seapoint promises Dawn Kennedy.
It’s 7am. The sun is rising over the horizon as an Adonis encourages my hips into a deeper lunge. His voice rises over the sound of the Atlantic rolling gently in the background. No, I’m not trapped in an early morning Mills and Boon dream, but putting my body through its paces at the Buff boot camp at the Seapoint Pavilion.
BUFF stands for Beach Urban Field and fitness. It’s brainchild of biokenetisist Simone Sittig. Her concept is to offer fitness sessions in beautiful surroundings. It’s one of those obvious ideas – like frozen yoghurt. When you think of it, why would anyone in their right mind pound the treadmill in a gym when they could be enjoying the beach and strengthening their abs at the same time.
Now I admit, i’m a namby- pamby duvet hugger; a midnight oil burner who views early morning fitness fanatics with the same kind of appreciative curiosity as I watch game at Kruger National Park.
But I’ve been thinking of changing my slothful ways And I suspect Sebastian is just the man to help turn me into a more toned, better version of myself.
Simone and Sebastian are not just fitness enthusiasts who have done a six month course in how to teach bench-presses and sit-ups. No, these people are fitness gurus. Simone studied for six years to become biokenetisist, which qualifies her to assess individuals and prescribe exercises to enhance performance. Sebastian studied for three years to earn a diploma in fitness therapy. Between them they have nine years of Knowledge them and are intimate with every tendon and sinew of the body.
Zara Katovsky, a Pilate’s instructor, swears by Simone and Sebastian’s expertise. She’s been attending the Buff boot camps, as well as having personal sessions with Simone and Sebastian, for over a year. “I have bad back problems and I’ve tried every form of treatment and physiotherapy. Sebastian and Simone are the best professionals that I’ve been to. In a short space of time, I found relief. I’ve had phenomenal results.”
Sebastian defines fitness as “having confidence in your body, being free of aches and pains and being able to go for a run without it being a mental battle.” According to his own definition, he is phenomenally fit. He recently completed the Bull of Africa in the Eastern Cape and ran 600 km’s over seven days. So, when he suggests a jog, I feel a bit nervous.

If the word boot camp summons up an image of British sergeant majors yelling at you “get down and give me twenty.” think again. BUFF boot camps are the laid back South African version. While the workouts use standard exercises, participants learn to recognise and respect their limits, replacing hard-core aggression with fun and sociability. The group even goes for coffee together after a session. Now that’s what I call civilised.
For further information check out the BUFF web-site www.buffbootcamp.co.za
Or contact Simone Sittig: 021 434 5746
082 809 6735
Sebastian Davies
082 467 4974
Buff boot camps are all about fun and fresh air. Here Sebastian helps Zara Katovsky enjoy her workout

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