Bernard Franz | Editor – 021 magazine

October 2012
I can wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend Dawn Kennedy for any writing contract or any position in the field of media, marketing, sales, or communications.
Dawn has been fundamental in launching 021 Magazine in June 2009. As co-editor, she used her expertise and valuable network of contacts to implement the business plan and marketing strategies.
Launching a magazine in a recession and during a time when print is perceived to be in decline is a difficult task. During that time, Dawn has show exceptional versatility, tenacity and integrity.
She helped set up the vision of the magazine and recruited and liaised with our new team at all stages from flat plan to post production, writing and design.
On the marketing and PR side, she has written sales letters, developed advertising strategies and negotiated contracts with prestigious institutions such as Cape Town Opera, Iziko and the Rupert Foundation. She has acted as 021’s brand ambassador, representing the publication at innumerable launches and openings. She has excellent people skills. Her strong character and never-failing optimism have helped 021 in many difficult situations. I can truly say that if it had not been for Dawn’s determination, 021 Magazine would have been far from making it as a successful publication.
Creatively she has time and again proven to be of invaluable importance. As a writer, she has given 021 a large following of readers who appreciate her enthusiastic yet well-researched feature stories. She managed to satisfy the needs of advertising clients and readers, when it came to producing advertorials. She also hosted a regular Cape Town radio show and was the voice artist for 021’s radio adverts.
As a person, she is responsible, hard working and reliable with a self-reliant sunny nature. As a team member, she is supportive and encouraging.
She is ideally suited to a position within a prestigious company, or working for a leading brand, where her talents can be justly rewarded.

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