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Since graduating from Bristol University BA (Hons) English and Philosophy, I’ve spent much of my time trying to decide what words to use and which order to put them in. Working as a writer has been fun, frustrating and, at times, financially precarious. However, I consider being born a native English speaker as a stroke of good fortune and I’m passionately wed to this quirky language.

I moved to Cape Town, South Africa, in 1994, where I worked as a freelance writer and held several editorial positions on publications, including, Sync’Up Magazine (editor), Varsity Daze (editor), O Magazine (feature editor) and 021 Magazine (co-editor).

As the senior lecturer in Journalism at City Varsity, I taught popular courses in long-form non-fiction and creative writing to both students and adult learners and published the book, Writing Features: For Websites and Magazines Buy here  based on the course content that I created.

I’m passionate about nature and conserving wilderness and in 2015 I was awarded funding by ANFASA (Academic and Non-Fiction Authors’ Association of South Africa) to write a narrative non-fiction book, Saving South African Cycads.

Please browse through my website and portfolio and feel free to get in touch if you have any writing queries.


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